Buy Crypto

Buy Crypto Using Virgo Wallet

Access the Swap Tab

  • Open Virgo Wallet and navigate to the “Swap” tab.

  • Select your fiat and the crypto you wish to purchase, along with the corresponding blockchain. To avoid mistakes, note that there is a small chain logo next to each crypto.

  • Enter the amount in USD or EUR, and the provider will give you a quote on the amount of crypto you will receive.

Select the Payment Method

  • Choose your payment method. The available options may vary depending on your country.

Enter Your Email

  • Provide your email address. Note that Virgo Wallet does not store your email. This step is to verify your identity and to send you payment information.

Enter the Code Received by Email

  • Check your email for a verification code and enter it into the app.

Add Your Card and Make the Payment

  • Add your credit or debit card details and proceed with the payment.

Wait for Confirmation

  • Once the purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email from the crypto provider.

  • The crypto will be sent to your Virgo Wallet as soon as possible.

By following these steps, you can easily buy crypto via Virgo Wallet, while enjoying all the practical and secure features offered by the app. Remember to always check the details of each transaction and stay informed about any fees and limitations based on your location. Good luck on your crypto journey!

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