Stake on Virgo

To stake, you do not need any dedicated special hardware or device. You can do it directly from your phone or PC. While staking means locking up your tokens, they are still in your wallet and only you have access to them. You can unlock your funds at any time.

Staking parameters

  • Minimum amount: 100 VGO

  • Minimum lock-up period: 1 month, earning the base reward rate

  • Maximum lock-up period: 24 month, earning the maximum reward rate

  • Reward distribution every 2 weeks

  • No fees for blocking and unblocking VGOs

Before starting

Before you can stake, you need to have a wallet and VGOs. If you do, go straight to the guide.

  • Get Wallet

Download Virgo Wallet and follow the steps to create or importe an account

  • Get VGO

Follow the steps to buy VGO


  1. Head to staking page

  2. Click on Connect Wallet (if you have the possibility, connect with the QR code)

  3. Click on Create a new stake

  4. Choose the amount of VGO you would like to stake and choose the lock time duration

  5. Click on Enable VGO


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