Virgo Widget integration

Virgo Widget is a developer toolkit permitting crypto projects to make their token buyable directly from their website.

With Virgo Widget, you can increase your website's conversion rate, and holders count in a few lines of code, free of charge! We handle all the hard work: Fiat payments, cross-chain swaps, regulations and compliance...

We currently support Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Chain, as well as 10+ fiat payment methods.

Javascript SDK

Our simple Javascript SDK permits you to set up Virgo Widget in just a few lines of code; it is better suited for non-WordPress websites. If your Website runs on WordPress, please jump to the next section. We made an even easier integration solution!

Import the library from our CDN

Add the following script to your HTML code; it contains all the required functions to display Virgo Widget.

<script src=""></script>

Init the Widget

Once you have added our library, the next step is to init the Widget. Add the following code to your HTML after the library script.

        "chainID": 56,
        "contract": "0xFb526228ff1C019E4604C7e7988C097D96bD5b70",
        //add customization options here

Replace the value of "chainID" with the one your token is published on: Ethereum: 1 Binance Smart Chain: 56 Polygon: 137

Replace the value of "contract" with your token's contract address.

A "Buy YourToken" button should now appear at the bottom right of your webpage.

Customize it

You can customize the widget appearance by adding new parameters to the above function; for example here is how to change the theme color:

        "chainID": 56,
        "contract": "0xFb526228ff1C019E4604C7e7988C097D96bD5b70",
        "themeColor": "00FF8C",

Here is a list of all available parameters:

ParameterDescriptionExample value


Set the widget's theme color. Must be a hex color.



Set the buy button's horizontal padding. Can be any valid CSS size value.



Set the buy button's vertical padding. Can be any valid CSS size value.



Set the buy button's corners radius. Can be any valid CSS size value.



Set the widget's position on the web page. Can either be left, right or center.



Set the widget's offset relative to the screen bottom. Can be any valid CSS size value.



Set the widget's offset relative to the chose position's page border. Can be any valid CSS size value.



Set the buy button's text. Use [tokenSymbol] to display your token's symbol

Buy [tokenSymbol] now!


Set your token's displayed logo. Must be an URL to an image. Recommanded size: 200x200.

WordPress plugin

If you are using WordPress, we created a plugin that facilitates even further setting up the widget. You can download it here, then upload it to your WordPress installation by going to the plugins sections.

Once installed, enable it. A new menu should appear in your admin dashboard, named Token Buy widget. Access it to configure the widget.

To display the widget, there are two available options:

- Enable the buy button in the settings, it will display a floating 'buy TOKEN' button at the bottom of the screen, on each of your website's pages.

- Insert the following shortcode anywhere you want to display the widget: [display_buy_widget]

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