How to mine on the Virgo Testnet? (Windows 10)

Virgo miners are securing the network by providing computing power to produce beacon transactions. In exchange, they are rewarded with freshly created tVGO!
Virgo is using RandomX for it's consensus, which is an ASIC-Resistant algorithm initially developed for Monero. The following tutorial explains how to mine on the Virgo Testnet with your computer CPU. Please note that during this operation you won't be mining real VGO but testnet ones that have no commercial value.
  1. 1.
    Download our miner
First, you'll need to download our mining software.
Download the following file (windows only): Miner​
Your browser may be giving you a warning message: Don't worry, it's just that the file is not commonly downloaded, choose to keep it!
This file is an archive, unzip it.
2. To launch it
After unzipping the folder, click on start.bat to launch the miner.
You may still receive a warning message from Windows. Click on "Additional information" then on "Run anyway".
The miner should open in a CMD.
Paste your address which is in the "receive" tab of your wallet. Then press enter.
Mining should start after a few seconds.
A ‘found’ message will appear as soon as you find a block, note that it may take several minutes depending on your computing power.
You’ll receive 5tVGO in your wallet for each block you find!
Thanks for following the tutorial.
See you soon!